Product not visible in admin and frontend after adding product variants

I’m currently running into an really strange issue. In the past i’ve created a product, added some attributes and generated the variants. This all was working perfectly. The variants where generated and the product was showing those variants correclty on the website.

Last week I need to make some changes to the variants. Therefore I removed an attribute and changed the values of a different attribute. After the changes I’ve generated the variants with the option to overwrite the existing onces.

After the save, the product wasn’t available anymore on both the admin and frontend pages. The product doesn’t show up on the Product Overview page, but it still is there inside the db and it also shows on pages like the Category edit page where you can assign products to a category.

On the frontend, the product also doesn’t show up (see e.g., however the variants can be viewed through the direct link (Boxspring | Boxspring | Valk Shop).

Does anybody know why this is happening and how I could solve this?

I had the same problem, but import from Prestashop. The products were visible in categories, but not in the product overview or frontend.

My solution was to upgrade to Shopware 6 - magically the products were visible again.