Only one variant is visible on product details page


After adding products and variants via API it looks good in admin but product detail page dosnt show variants. Is this a theme issue or did I do something wrong?
When I generate variants they display but not when I add via API, even tho product list filters recognize that they are there.

This is basically how I added them:

  1. Add a „virtual product“
  2. Add variants and use the productId from „virtual product“ as parentId

Here is a demo of what I experience:

Btw, I might be the biggest noob ever but isnt the api documentation lacking some descriptions and examples? :laughing:

He Johan,

I can’t tell you why that is happening.
Did you take a look at this might help you.

best regards,
Timmy Clark

Thank you for your reply Timmy.

I found solution - I missed the step about „Configurator handling“, now it works :innocent: