Problem with changes items.

Hi to all


I have a problem. I create an item and i save it after if i go to change somthing and go to save it i have this error : " An error occurred while attempting to save the item:The item has been changed in the meantime. To prevent overwriting these changes, saving the item was aborted. Please close the item and re-open it" and the product don’t saved.

Thanks a lot

This is a bug in the current version and will be fixed with 5.5.2

In the meantime you may fix it with the following PR -> SW-22619 - Fix timezone issues on overwrite check · shopware/shopware@d389efd · GitHub

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Thanks Christiantrade i change the files but nothing change. I have the same problem

my shopware version is 5.5.1

Reload the backend. It should work, i had the same problem.

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i reload bakend i clear chache bu the same my friend

yes its ok my friend maybe want some time to take the changes. thanks a lot thanks thanks