ITEMS: Cannot edit any existing product item: receive an error that prevents the item being saved


I am using a new install on Amazon AWS using the standard installer package available there. 5.5.1 (Rev. 20180). We have not customised the install in any way.

The problem is… when we try to edit any setting of an existing (product) item (i.e. add an image, change a price, amend the name etc.) we are prevented from saving the changes.

  1. Firstly, there is a notification in the corner that says:

_ Error _

An error occurred while attempting to save the item:The item has been changed in the meantime. To prevent overwriting these changes, saving the item was aborted. Please close the item and re-open it.

  1. There is a dialogue that appears, with the text:

"The product has been changed by another user in the meantime. To prevent overwriting these changes, saving the product was aborted. To show these changes, please close the product and re-open it.

_ Do you want to overwrite the latest changes?" _


If I click ‘YES’, the system does not save the changes and repeats the message… it is therefore impossible to save any changes.

All other screens work correctly - on other screens we can edit and save without issue.


At this point, we have only one user (the admin).

It seems like a bug (perhaps some kind of “permission” problem on the install) but if anyone can offer help or advice it would be great!


This evening I have upgraded to 5.5.3 and this has removed the error. I am now able to save changes that have been made to a (product) item.