Possible Bug: Undefined index label by Theme refresh


After upgrading to Shopware 6 EA 1.1, I get the following error when refreshing a theme:

$ bin/console theme:refresh
In ThemeLifecycleService.php line 253:
Notice: Undefined index: label

The theme.json file has the following problematic content:

  "config": {
    "fields": {
      "sw-color-brand-primary": {
        "value": "#ecac11"

If I add the label and the type entries, the error goes away.

Is it now actually required to explicitly add the label and type entries (although I don’t wanna change their values), or is this a possible bug?


I just ran into the same problem, and the fix is to add label and type to the theme.json, but I agree this is a bug and should be solved