Shopware 6 - Template Training Basic (EN): Identifying overriding and extending blocks

Hi - hopefully someone here can help,

I’m new to shopware and just going through the tutorial in the title. My theme shows up in plugins, and is showing as being activated in the Content | Themes section. If I change the colour there, my page on localhost:8000 changes too.

Where I am having trouble is changing the titles, or anything in the page through PHPStorm.

In the tutorial video I’ve followed, changing the header on refresh should should update but I still have the demostore text.

The files path are the same in the tutorial for both the platform:


and my plugin:


Just can’t seem to get past this point.


Edit: shopware demo page is still just using the platform html.twig instead of the custom plug in one.


thanks in advance!

I’ve found and solved the problem.

in this discussion

@rockinmc schrieb:


It is quite possible that in your theme.json the theme name after the @ is not capitalized and that this does not work?

so in theme.json

it was auto-created but the views: @name wasn’t capitalised like it should have been