Oauth client Credentials Grant Integration gets an empty response

During the Client Credentials oauth API (api/oauth/token) call I am receiving an empty response with a 302 status code in the APP server. If anyone facing this issue and guides me to fix this issue.

Same issue here.

We are using another party’s integration to make API requests. The integration works without issue on a web install of Shopware 6.4.14 behind nginx.

We have been going through the submission process in the Shopware marketplace using a test environment with 6.4.20 and the third party’s integration no longer works.

The third party provided the curl command for receiving the oauth token. When the command is run against the testenvironments.de URL, a 302 is returned. Using a locla 6.4.20 docker the 302 is also returned.


Support advised that for docker/test environment the URL should be:

We are able to get tokens now.