no emails are being sent.

no matter what settings i set, no emails are ever getting sent from my shopware 6 install.

I have tried SMTP settings ( which should work ) and no email is ever sent.

I have tried localhost, and nothing i sent.

the only thing i think it could possibly be is… the email templates… i have read that each template needs to be assigned to a Sales Channel. and even in the docs, you can select a sales channel for an email template. But in my Email template editing page, i see no option to select a Sales Channel such as the docs. see screenshot below.

Is there a reason the setting option is not there for me? When i sent a test email from this page, it says the email could not be sent. but no reason why. The setting to select a sales channel is not there on any of the already created templates, or for new ones. It IS there for the header and footer templates tho.

The option is now in the Business Events module