New version of custom theme (best practice)?

I have made a custom theme using Shopware version 6.4.7 as the base.
What is the best way to create a new version of that theme? I have updated a few twig templates to sync with the Shopware version 6.4.10 and need to create a new „version“ of my theme.

I would like to be able to roll back to the old version of the theme (if something is not working :crazy_face: )

If I compile the theme, it will have the same name as the old version, and would replace the present theme (I guess) if I upload the new theme („my extensions“).

Will it work if I rename the present theme (like „AliceKattgodisThemeOld“) and then upload the new version?


source code is best kept in version control, i.e. Git. Many editors and IDEs have Git support built-in. You don’t need to use any Git web service, like Github, if you’re working alone on the theme. There’s also no need for fancy stuff like branches, just keep on creating commits (a change set) and you’ll have a linear source code history. Commits can be reverted.

Hi chroot
Thanks. Yes, I’m already using Git (Tower) and have created a new branch for the updates to 6.4.10.

What I dont want todo, by mistake, is overwrite my active theme when importing the update… :grimacing: