Keep the Theme for a redesign?


I want to do a redesign of my webpage, and i don’t know what’s more worthy.

If keep the previous theme and rewrite the appearence, and maybe a bit of structure.
Or maybe create a theme (i guess that’s pretty dificult), or look for a theme that suits me better.

I’m pretty new to SW6 and the structures of the Themes it’s still pretty new for me.

Any suggestion is welcome.


Hi Carlos,

in Shopware creating a new theme means: use the basic shopware theme and only change things, you wanna change, e.g. HTML in .twig oder CSS in .scss or JS in .js files.

You do not have to create the html structure. Still it takes a lot of time if you are not doing this every day.

Buying a theme is much cheaper, if you think about the hours you spend on developing it.
Still, if you want a individual theme, there is no way than creating you own.

Excellent, thank you.