Neuinstallation 6.3 mit Production Template schlägt fehl

Gerade versucht, Shopware 6 lt dieser Anleitung neu zu installieren: GitHub - shopware/production: Shopware 6 production template

Schlägt immer beim bin/console system:setup fehl. Fehlermeldung:

In EnvVarProcessor.php line 171:
  Environment variable not found: "APP_URL".  

Alles gelöscht, nochmal versucht, selber Fehler. Nochmal alles gelöscht und den 6.2 Branch benutzt und der lief problemlos durch.

I’m encountering the same issue with Shopware 6.3. To bypass this, I created a new empty .env file with the following contents:


Next, you can start the setup with the force flag: bin/console system:setup -f

Maybe an even easier way: APP_URL=http://localhost ./bin/console system:setup

I ran into the same problem … It would say that is worth an issue report

In the Issue above it is mentioned that it will be fixed with 

We test it and it not  working. Does any one else has run it successfully? 

@mittwald‍ I can confirm the error with a freshly cloned 6.3 branch

commit ea982f8f007709b64923cd555b75336992d64b49 (HEAD -> 6.3, tag: v6.3.4.1, origin/HEAD, origin/6.3)
Author: shopwareBot

Date: Mon Dec 14 09:32:00 2020 +0000

    Release v6.3.4.1



Good, they closed your new Issue but opened the old one again. 

We voted it up, feel free to do it although.