Multiwarehouse in SW6

Hi! We would like to use Shopware 6. We are a little familiar with SW5 and Pickware. 

Question :

  • Does Shopware 6 support Multiwarehousing?
  • Is there an extension for SW 6 that we can use to add the functionality?
  • Will pickware 6 support multiwarehousing? (but this is a too long wait)
  • Other (simple) solution?


  • We have 3 stock locations that we sell from
  • 2 are local loctions (our real stock)
  • and 1 virtual location (remote stock that is owned and lies at the supplier)
  • the total salable stock is the summed qty for all sku in all locations (local+local+virtual warehouse)
  • In addition the virtual warehouse stock is continuously updated by feeds

(does or will SW have something like MSI in M2)