Missing files in the update.zip

I have run several updates with the .zip method one after the other and noticed that some files in the vendor directory are missing…


there are a few more files missing… its not the only .scss file.

this causes an error when building the administration, because the files are missing…

I have compared this with the installation.zip file

I have noticed that as well. I have solved this by copying the files from the full install zip file.

Hello, I have the same problem. I updated the shop version. The website closed. Then we restored backup but in extension control panel I have a session.php error. I can not install/uninstall & activate/deactivate the extensions. When I do it always shuts down the website. Shopware told that It looks like we are missing files from the vendor folder, they advise to completely replace this with a fresh copy. But how can I do that? I am not a developer but I have a plesk login. Is there a guide that I can do it step by step?

Did you log out and log in again from your Shopware account in the extension section?

You can download the zip file that matches your current version from Shopware Changelog Shopware 6

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