Shopware can't see plugins

Hi all, 

I installed Shopware and now trying to install test plugin. When I attempted to upload oh this page "/admin#/sw/plugin/index/list?limit=25&page=1&sortBy=upgradedAt&sortDirection=desc&naturalSorting=false I got error message “No plugin found in ZIP file.”. Then I tried to extract zip to this folder ./custom/plugins/ , refreshed the page but no records showed up. Then I tried to install it via console but get this error

W:\MAMP\bin\php\php7.2.14>php.exe Z:\home\shopware\bin\console sw:plugin:install --activate SwagPluginSystem

  There are no commands defined in the "sw:plugin" namespace.

  Did you mean one of these?

Can you please help me to understand what I do wrong? Thanks in advance


whats your content in your test-plugin thats called No plugin found in ZIP file?


Plugin downloaded from here

It looks so you have installed Shopware 6. The documentation for Shopware 6 can be found here

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maybe you need to do something with „php bin/console sw:plugin:refresh“ or „php bin/console sw:cache:clear“ in the root of your shopware installation. had same issues before. you also should install your plugin from console, as you can see if there is any error in the plugin-scripts.