M1 to SW6 Migration Customer Passwords


I’m currently migrating a Magento 1 Shop to Shopware 6 and was wondering how the customer passwords are handled? For now it looks like they just get reset to NULL.

Are they supposed to be filled or isn’t this part of the migration proces?


Furthermore, if they are meant to be reset. Is there a way to ask all customers to change their password?

Thank you!

Hi dylan_sd,

because Magento has a different password encoding like Shopware 6, we could not migrat the customer password in one step.
In Shopware 6 there is a column in the customer table called ‘legacy_password’ and ‘legacy_encoder’. If these columns are filled and the customer log into the account, the legacy password encoder of the migration will called, the password will be checked, the new password hash will be setted and the legacy columns will resetted to NULL.

I hope this will help you to understand the migration of the password.

Best regards,


Thank you for this clear explanation!