installation error


after installing the development version of shopware 6,  I’v got the following error in browser (http://localhost/development/public/):

Fatal error : Uncaught Symfony\Component\Dotenv\Exception\PathException: Unable to read the „opt/lampp/htdocs/development/public/…/.env“ environment file.

Intallation process:

git clone cd development/
$ composer install
$sudo apt-get install php7.2-intl
$composer install

OS: linux mint 19, xampp7.3

thanks ahead foe your suggestions

Maybe it’s just missing in your list, but did you make sure to have cloned the platform project, too? I.e.

git clone []( cd development

$ git clone  ?

Thank you for the answer.

The platform is there, was installed via composer.

i’v used these installation recommendations :

Per default the development template has shopware/platform in the version dev-master as requirement in its composer.json file.

The Shopware platform code would be placed into a vendor/shopware/platform directory.

Ah, ok. I guess you checked the System Requirements, too.

Just in case it might help you: In my environment, using Node.js and NPM in the versions listed in System Requirements led to strange errors, which went away only after updating both of them to the latest version.