How to use Vue.js or Angular instead of extJS in backend development for plugin?


I have developed a plugin. it contains a backend listing. I have done this using ExtJS . and submitted for review. The shopware team said that I need to purchase a license for ExtJS for my plugin.and also said that “if you use Vue or Angular instead of ExtJS everything is fine to us.”.

How I can use Vuejs or Angular instead of ExtJS in backend development? 

is there any documentation for this?

Please help me.


I have created a new backend listing using the following documentation and Vue.js

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Hi abinjohnedamana,

would you happen to give a review how to implement .vue files in a lightweight backend module? I’m struggling with intergrating a native vue.js app into the system,so any help would be very aprreciated. :slight_smile:


@devalanche schrieb:

You can check this plugin for reference.


I did not found anything for this. liteblue

@RonaldE schrieb:

Please check this folder

You can find the vue.js file in


I am currently working on a Shopware 5 backend plugin with VueJs, Vuex, firebase and more.

I have created an empty VueJs sample plugin for you.

VueJS Backend Application in Shopware 5