How to update Shopware plugin ?


I want to provide an update for my shopware plugin, can you tell me what are the steps I’ve to follow?. So end customer who will use that plugin they no need to go throguh all manual process. Is there any restriction (restriction in terms only those plugin will have update option which is developed by shopware or any other ) to provide update option in plugin



all you have to do is implementing an update method in your main plugin file (depending on the plugin system you use, it is called Bootstrap.php or YourPluginName.php)
Execute all the stuff that must be done on the update process here. Make sure you first check for the old plugin version, so you don’t execute the code twice on an additional future update. 

If you release a new version of your plugin, the shop owner will see the blue icon for updating your plugin in the plugin manager.

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cool Michael Telgmann