How to refresh parent window in backend using postMessage API


I am creating a plugin with the backend list, add, edit and delete options. When I click on the edit button new window will open and update the existing data. But after the update I want to close the edit window and reload the listing window. unfortunately I cannot find anything to refresh the parent window. I am using the lightweight backend module with postmessage API.

Can you please help me?

in short, i did this with payments and shipping constellations use at your own risk:

	function zw() {
		var zahlartenwechsel ='../account/payment','Zahlartwechsel','width=600, height=400'); 
		var timer = setInterval(function() { 
			if(zahlartenwechsel.closed) {
		}, 500);

{if $sUserLoggedIn}
			Zahlart wechseln

you’re welcome. cheers