How to create new plugin that is compatible with SW5.0.0-5.5.8



I’m analyzing requirements for development of new Shopware 5 plugin that we want to list on community store.


Our desire is to create plugin compatible with Shopware versions 5.0.0 - 5.X.X. To be able to support Shopware versions 5.0.0 - 5.2.0 we need to use „old plugin structure“, but on the other hand community store requirements for all new plugins requires usage of „new plugin structure“:

New plugins, which should be compatible with SW5.5, must have been developed with the new plugin structure. Please also have a look to the following note from the Shopware developers.


How can we create new plugin that should be listed on community store that is compatible with shopware versions 5.0.0 - 5.5.8, considering that „new plugin structure“ requires Shopware 5.2.0 and above?

That is currently not possible. Since the new plugin structure is only available for newer versions than shopware 5.2.

Do you really want to support a more than 4 years old release? In this case you need to support php5.4 as well, since this is the minimum requirement for shopware 5.0. 

Hi Moritz,

As I described we are analyzing requirements for new plugin, since we want to support Shopware 5, we wanted to be backward compatible all the way down to version 5.0.0. We are aware of other technical limitations that this brings (php5.4, old plugin structure and similar), but most important requirement is that plugin must be listed on community store.

Considering that we are aware of all technical limitation that plugin compatibility 5.0.0 - 5.5.8 brings, my main concern and question is: Is it at all possible to list new plugin in community store that is using old plugin structure?

Technically yes - but you should contact our store-team, because this is not a strict limitation, but merely a recommendation, because more than 90% of all shopware installations are currently shopware 5.2 and above. The plugin will be checked manually by one of my colleagues. 

The mail address is listed on this page:


Thanks Moritz,

I already asked your store-team this same question and they pointed me to “shopware developers” and this forum. Anyhow we will reconsider our options and statistical data you provided and contact store-team if we decide to actually go with supporot for SW5.0.0-5.X.X.