Legacy & 5.2 plugin structure

Hi guys,


Sorry for jumping here on English, but I have really important question.

We are currently developing the plugin and we can’t find the answer or any manual, is it possible and how to create one plugin which can be used for legacy <5.2 and for >=5.2 plugin structure?

We would like as well to place our plugin on Shopware community.

Is that possible at all?


Thanks a lot in advance and beers on our charge :wink:

The minor 5.2 plugin structure is still valid in newer 5.2 Shopware version. Until now i’ve hadn’t heard any official statements that the „old“ plugin structure will be removed in the near future. What i’ve seen so far is that some plugin developer create a if-else-statements for the different approach on generating attribute models or extending themes etc within the old plugin structure. The „new“ plugin structure is nearly undocumented and i’ve got no idea if it’s supported in minor 5.2 Shopware versions.

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Thanks for answer @brettvormkopp

We have discovered that is possible (its working) to have for example two „bootstrap“ files within a plugin root.

One that fits for legacy and one that will be used for >=5.2.

But question is, does this way is the correct one…

Hopefully this question will reach the Shopware core developers once, 'cause I haven’t see to much of topics related to this issue…

As @brettvormkopp‍ already said: plugins developed in the old (pre v5.2) way still work in Shopware v5.2 and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. So, if you need to support Shopware versions below 5.2, develop your plugin the old way and your’re golden.