How to make a plugin compatible in 5.2 and 5.5?

I have created a plugin with the new plugin system. I have given the plugin for review. I got the following error.

No bootstrapping file found. Expecting bootstrapping in.

How i can fix this?

I wish to make my plugin compatible with shopware version 5.2. How we can do this?

version 5.5 and above do not require bootstrap.php right?

The new plugin system is available since shopware 5.2. The new structure should work with shopware 5.2 as well.

Without any detailled information about your plugin (e.g. a screenshot of the directory structure, the classname and the file itself) we can’t really support you with this issue.


since Shopware 5.2 you are able to use the new plugin system. Maybe you should start here with our documentation Plugin quick Startup Guide

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cool Michael Telgmann

SwagBackendOrder plugin does not have a bootstrap file


This is my plugin folder structure


Your supplier prefix is missing in the foldername, the classname and possibly in the class itself. The plugin needs to be the exact same as the technical name the shopware account tells you. 

Thank you @Moritz Naczenski. It works.