How to add bundeld products like in Magento

I like to create products which exist out of different articles. How can i do this. I sell furniture, for example tables where the customer can choose the size of an table top, the color of the tabletop and a table leg in different colors. To manage the stock of all the table tops and legs i have to combine them on 1 product page. Is this possible?

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Hi Paul,

take a look at custom products, this could be what you are looking for.
Please note that this extension is part of the professional edition.

The documentation can be found here.

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You can simply create your own plugin which will do exactly what you are looking for.
There is a free developer training for this which shows you how to build this plugin. Maybe you should check out this Shopware Online Trainings: Developer Training Advanced

You need to adjust it a little bit to make it really work in a live shop but that shouldnt be a big problem with that base