how do I change our layout and texts from shop

Hello, I am new here and quite fresh in building webshop. My colleague left our company without giving too much info regarding our webshop. I can enter, can even add articles etc. But I noticed two important things and I cannot find in the shopware backend.

  1. the shop is realy really slow. how can I improve

  2. how can I change the text and images on first page (and other pages) -> I can find the tree with all forms etc. but not the page itself. 

Can some one please help me? Thanks a lot!

Lucky you! Shopware is very well documented.


First page changes:


thank for your reply @nextmike. However, in my shopware backend windows, I cannot find any field where I can see this first pages. If yes, I would be able to adjust. 

I am feeling such a newbee… :frowning:

Is your backend down? How does it look like?

it seems to work, i can change and add quite some things, but cannot find this first pages and tree to change.


What about studying the links I posted?

your links are very helpfull. But first I need to find the tab where i can find this pages. The tree I copied in, only show the templates with teksts regarding delivery etc. which is ok, but nog the first pages. Do I have to search somewhere else?

thanks for all your help sofar!

I succeeded, thank you very much!