How can i remove salutation from register page ?

I guess you’ll have to remove the following block in you theme.


{* Salutation *}
{block name='frontend_register_personal_fieldset_salutation'}

    {getSalutations variable="salutations"}


                {s name='RegisterPlaceholderSalutation'}{/s}{s name="RequiredField" namespace="frontend/register/index"}{/s}

            {foreach $salutations as $key => $label}


Then its validation faild error giving if i removed it . as it was required field here 

Ok I see. I think you’ll need a plugin therefore. (for example: Anrede entfernen | Kundenkonto + Personalisierung | Erweiterungen | Shopware Community Store)

Or you’ll make a workaround like removing the select-field and create a hidden field with a standard value for salutation (e.g. “mr”).
But this way all your customers will have “mr” as salutation.
Like they did here:

Is there any other way to remove validation of it so that i could remove ut from Form ?

As to put „mr“ is not a way because it will display „mr“ for all.