Frontend doesn't render any content

Hello, I installed Shopware locally, and Backend works fine, but Frontend doesn’t render any content. I have followed documentation, except that I left most of backend stuff as default (currencies, taxes etc). I setup few items, categories etc. I even tried to setup my own theme, copying and modifying one of Emotion themes, but no matter if I use default theme or my own, front page is blank. UPDATE: I updated Virtual URL for my shop, and it works on that URL. But still I don’t know how to make it work on root URL, because, if that field is blank in backend, system defaults this input to /shop/de/

Hi, The virtual host field is optional. Shopware doesn’t default it to ‘/shop/de/’, that’s just a placeholder that is not actually stored in the database or used at all. Shopware works fine with the default values for currencies and such. Check that the ‘host’ and ‘path’ settings of your shop are correct. You may also need to take a look at your log files for more details on what might be happening. greetings