Fresh Docker Installation MySQL error

I just did a fresh install using the 6.1.0 Final Docker container and an AWS Aurora cluster using MySql 5.7.26 and when I access the index.php I just get this error message:

An exception occurred while executing ' SELECTbase_class AS baseClass, IF(active= 1 ANDinstalled_atIS NOT NULL, 1, 0) AS active,path, autoload, managed_by_composerAS managedByComposer FROMpluginORDER BYinstalled_at;': SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'shopware.plugin' doesn't exist

Shouldn´t I be greeted with an installation screen that creates these tables etc?

maybe it helps using the documentation about installing SW6 within a docker setup:

another way would be to use the CLI ( to install it. The error message does look like it is searching for an existing shopware installation where there is none.