Error during add product

Hi I am fresh in Shopware, i have experience in Symfony and Sylius and i wanted try something new, but im a little confused. After fill form where i try edit one of existing demo products, I ve got

The following error occurred:

  • 1x „This field is missing.“.

and thats it, no red fields or any information which field is broken, there is also no Forms tab in profiler to find any further details. Only thing that i found is [2023-06-12T21:57:08.306686+00:00] request.ERROR: Uncaught PHP Exception Shopware\Core\Framework\DataAbstractionLayer\Write\WriteException: „There are 1 error(s) while writing data. 1. [/write/0/price/0/currencyId] This field is missing.“ at /opt/lampp/All_projects/Shopware/WoodRud/vendor/shopware/core/Framework/DataAbstractionLayer/Write/WriteContext.php line 49 {„exception“:„[object] (Shopware\Core\Framework\DataAbstractionLayer\Write\WriteException(code: 0): There are 1 error(s) while writing data.\n\n1. [/write/0/price/0/currencyId] This field is missing. at /opt/lampp/All_projects/Shopware/WoodRud/vendor/shopware/core/Framework/DataAbstractionLayer/Write/WriteContext.php:49)“}
it’s look like no currency selected but i dont know how i should do this. Any thoughts?

Got same issue today, could not save any product in local dev shop.
Checked that error code says „currencyId“ as missing field + what ID is in the error.
Went to Settings → Currencies → Euro (since ID related to it) and pressed Save.
Went back to Products and tried to save one again - error was gone.

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