Englisht to GErman Pages problem with Translation and switcher Help

Hello, I am having an problem understanding site translation. The installation of SW6 defaulted to English. However we need the front end to be German.

The language pack is installed an but the problem is how to get pages to translate from English to German with language switcher.

The SW6 documentation is poor and the SW6 YouTube video no help.

My only solution was to keep using English pages but replace the English text with German equivalent. NOT the correct way to to do this.

Please, can someone take a moment and explain what I need to do get the English language translate to Germ using the SW6 language pack and switcher.

Hi @Scott,

if you just want German in the frontend, then you can just change the language in the domain of the sales channel from English to German. You will have to change both the language and the snippet-set.

If you want to use both English and German in the frontend, then you will have to add another domain to the sales channel. This can also be a virtual URL (e.g. yourdomain/de). You need two domains in your sales channel for the switcher to work. The sales channel domain settings should look something like this:

  • URL _________ Language _______Snippet-set
  • yourdomain ___ English_________Base en-GB
  • yourdomain/de _ German________ Base de-DE

Kind regards

Hi Patrick, thank you for taking the time to reply that cleared things up