Does anyone have good links to articles for comparing Shopware 5 and Shopware 6?

I’ve mostly been busy with 6 until this week where I’ve tried 5 for the first, and I must say I like it more.

I appreciate support ends 2024, but maybe I could use 5 until then, and hopefully within that time 6 is better and has more base functions like 5 does.

But I was wondering if there discussions about the comparison of the both, what peoples opinions are, I assume it has been discussed. I’m of course searching myself, but if anyone has any good links to posts comparing the 2 that would be really helpful.


thanks for you time

There is a „discussion“ in german language:




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that was an interesting read, thanks

I’d like to see though an actual comparison table from Shopware, from what functions 5 has compared to 6. I’ll have a look around for something, but if anyone has already then please post.

i wanted to check out the discussion as well unfortunately the link doesn’t work anymore…

just call the link without the trailing /p1