Docker Start issue

I am new to shopware and as per the installation method given on

I need to execute the command:
./psh.phar docker:start
I am doing this in git bash and this is the error I keep getting:
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Symfony\Component\Process\Exception\ProcessFailedException: The command "DOCKER_SYNC_ENABLED=$(grep DOCKER_SYNC_ENABLED .env | xargs); DOCKER_SYNC_ENABLED=${DOCKER_SYNC_ENABLED#*=};
if [[ ${DOCKER_SYNC_ENABLED} ]]; then echo „app_server:/app:nocopy“; else echo „.:/app“; fi
" failed.

Exit Code: 1(General error)

I understand that this might be more of a docker issue than Shopware but I really cant solve it and would appreciate some help.

As you can already imagine how i ended up here, i would suggest: Burn it :slight_smile:

I have the same problem, I would really appreciate it if you could assist us if you found the solution.

Not the solution to your question, but why do not keep it simple?

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