Discount on Product Quantity


I have a s\query on a feature possible in Shopware, below is the calculation that I need.

from 5 pcs - 3 % Discount
from 20 pcs - 5 % Discount
from 50 pcs - 10 % Discount

I have checked the backend there is option for discount for cart price not quantity, I need discount based on quantity for a customer group.


Thank you.


did you already try to define discounts via price groups, located in Basic settings > Items > Price Groups? With those, you’re able to adjust discounts depending on item quantity. After creating the price group you need, you just need to set it in your article. 

This might be a possibility worth checking out. You can find more information about it here.

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Hello Ramona,

Your answer hit my target, thank you for the reply.