How to set up a quantity discount


i have some struggles setting a quantity discount on specific products.

The following steps i’ve made so far:

  • Went to settings->rule builder
  • Added a new rule called quantity discount
  • Inside the condition i choosed “Goods count” - “Is greater than / equal to” - 3000
  • Then inside a product in the tab “Advanced princing” i selected my quantity discount
  • set a new net and gross price
  • Unsure i am about the input field “Quantity from…” do i have to type the amount of 3000 again?

Expected result:

When a customer orders more than 3000 articles he will recieve an automatical discount. 
But the way i did it, it is not working. What am i doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Zloy88,  

do it via the promotion function, the discount is displayed directly in the cart.

Hello V.Gert,

firstly thank you for your answer.
I kinda doubt that this is exactly what i was looking for, because the discount is on each product individual.
The rule builder looks actually like the right place, because you can define a general rule, select in your product and change the price for each product individually.