Buy more get more discount


I’m trying to create a discount where when depending on the value in your shopping basket the discount you get is different.
so i create a discount and for the first option value shopping basket between 50 en 150 the discount is 10. I create the rule and it works.
if i want to add a discount between 150 and 250 and i create the rule on the same way as before the rule isnt added to this. If i check in settings-> rule builder i see the rule is create. but i cant select it.
i see in rule builder a lot of rules i created but i can never select them.
What am i doing wrong?

in the printscreen with the second rule(productregel) it dissapears when i create a new rule, but it is create because i can find it in rule builder.
but if i use the drop down then there a lot less rules then that i can find in rule builder.

Kind Regards