How to create a Promotion based on products in the cart?


I want to put a discount in my shop if certain products are included.

For this I have stored two rules in the Rule Builder. Rule 1 for items in the shopping cart that contain product A, B, C.
Rule 2 for items in the shopping basket that contain product X, Y, Z.

In the discounts I have now created two discounts each with rule 1 and rule 2.
Unfortunately this does not work as I had hoped. If I have product A in the shopping basket, discount 2 is also displayed even though no product X, Y or Z is included.

Why does this not work correctly? I have saved both rules as „discount promotion shopping basket rules“.

I also want to store a bundle. If I can’t manage the first step how does the bundle of both rules work?
then how does the bundle from both rules work?