Define variants order on detail page


I’m trying to get the variants organised in a specific order as I’m working with sizes and the actual order is a bit messy but can’t see a way to order this variants to be shown as I want, is this possible?


Hi Roberto,

You may want to sort the options by drag-and-drop for the variants of an article in the backend - edit article, Variants > Configuration, select a group. (There is no place or text that explains this list is drag-and-droppable though it is.)

This works nicely. When filling the options/values using the API, there is a position parameter.

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Hi @vanwittlaer‍

I added the variants in the desired order but that doesn’t worked. Draging and droping did so thanks for the advice! :smiley: Would say the position is not assigned if this drag and drop action is not performed

I know this is solved now but this is absolutely related, is there a way to make those modifications for all the products? I want to define the sizes order but there are more than 3000 products so it’s not a great deal changing one by one, is this possible?

You should be able to do it by means of SQL. The table s_article_configurator_options has a position column. You’d need to select all options for a group (say color) according to its group_id and then set the positions for the options as you like.

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I’m playin around with the export files but that’s probably a better idea, nice one! I’ll keep you all informed on how to achieve this.

Thank you!

You can set the position when using the restAPI, but I would not bet the import/export plugin does it correctly. The thing is you can add options w/o specifying the position, and the system will probably make an arbitrary chose for it.

I’ve used the database, changing the values in s_article_configurator_options and clearing the cache makes the trick, now all my products variations are in the correct order. Much easier to be honest than using the import/export plugin, it’s a small table and just need to change the position value, brilliant. Thank you very much for your help!!

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