Curiosity: Will Shopware raise capital in a near future?

There is a big wave of tech companies raising capital through investors, venture funding & stock market, especially ecommerce platforms that are competitors such as Shopify, BigCommerce, VueStorefront, Spryker, VTEX, among other. They are really raising a looooooot of money. Just an example: Spryker raises $130M at a $500M+ valuation to provide B2Bs with agile e-commerce tools – TechCrunch

On the other hand, Shopware is adopting the „100% equity-financed“ strategy.

Obviously, there are major pro’s (such as extreme rapidly expansion, especially to the US market, and enhancing the product quality, making the product competitive to other platforms) and con’s (such as loosing power of future decision to investors and groups that put money into the company).

Let me make it cystal clear: I’m *not* encouraging/supporting or defending/resisting the raising capital approach. I’m just willing to understand if Shopware at some point will raise capital and adopt the same strategy other competitors of ecommerce world are heavily adopting.

Will Shopware raise capital in a near future?

Thank you so much for you time.