Country restriction by subshop


I have a multishop enviroment with one main shop (hu) and 4 sub-shops (sk, cz, ro, hr - NOT language shops!)

My wish is to restrict the subshops country accesibility only for their own, beacuse these shops are not only for languages but for countries. (this is why these are subshops)

I tried to deactive the countries and using the earth icon for the multistore config, i added it active only for the country’s shop. For example: in Shop settinsg / Countries i selected Romania, checked off the Active and the Allow the usage as shipping country and clicked the earth icon and checked these settings on for the Romanian shop.

The problem is: on the customer registration form there is no other countries than Romania but there is also Hungary! Hungary is checked on at the normal settings of the country, not the localised, because it is the main shop’s country. All the other shops works as the same, thier own country and Hungary.

What can I do? It is a bug or feature? Should I hack it or i do these settings wrong?

Shopware 5.5.8 is used.