Country address markup is not working on Order Overview and Order Details screens

Hello there. I’m using SW with language pack Spanish. I have a big problem with address markup.

I setup the address markup for my country as following:

We don’t use zip code. We use state. When customers make checkout the markup setting works fine:

BUT when the Administrator gets into the Orders Overview, the order has a format which is not compliant with address markup. It includes zipcode and it doesn’t include the State (which is mandatory)

The same problem happens if the Administrator go to Order Details, the billing address and the shipping address, they are not compliant with address markup. Again, it includes the zipcode and it doesn’t include the state.

It’s basically getting this address format from somewhere I have no idea.

The impact on our business is that administrator won’t have quickly the necessary information for shipping, because the State is missing.

Then my question is, what needs to be changed (snippet, setting, code, etc) for making the Orders Overview and Detail to show the customer address compatible with the country markup setting?

I have tested the new and it still exhibiting the same problem.

Any help greately appreciated. Kind regards