Contact page not working

Hi there,

The contact form isn’t working, when i click on the link in the footer i see that the link isn’t generated. I get https://“myshop”/%link%

Is this something that more people expierence?


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Did you create a Layout for the form and map this form in the basic settings?
Otherwhise it won’t work.

In Email Templates i assigned the Contact form to the right sale channel. Furthermore in basic information i assigned the “Default shop page layout with contact form” to the Shop page layout for contact pages.

Am i missing something?

Hi Dylan,

if these settings are all done for „All sales channel“, it should be working fine. Just had a look into my 6.1.1 Installation, after setting up the contact form in one shopping experience and adding the form in the basic settings, the link worked as it was supposed to be.

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