Contact Form - click on conditions freezes screen

New installation v.6 went smoothly. Congratulations Team.

The first thing I wanted to test was the contact form (activated by the click on the link in bottom left of the shop’s front page). The contact form itself works fine, the mail gets delivered imediately.

The contact form pops-up in a modal box. At the bottom of the box there are two links:
data protection information and general terms and conditions.

A click on any of these links activates another modal (modal from within modal) and freezes the screen when I close it. There is nothing I can do, I must refresh screen.

I have not done any admin or config changes yet, still have a virgin installation.

I am now posting the screenshot showing the location of the two links at the bottom of the modal form.
After click a new modal box will be displayed… and end of the story, screen frozen.

It is a bug, you are right. I have the same issue with the latest Shopware version

It is not freezing but the grey layer will not disappear after clicking the x.

I will open a bug report: Shopware Issuetracker