Bug in dealer registration?

Can someone confirm that the dealer registration does not work if you have activated „Show choice between company and customer account“ under settings/login/registration?

I get a „At least one item of .js-field-toggle-contact-type-company must exist in parent node“ in the console…

Thank you very much!

Hey @cristian.loscanna,

no, works fine for me (Shopware Often such issues are caused by the used theme. Would you test the behavior with the default theme of Shopware?

Best regards
Florian Holtgrefe

Thanks for the answer, but even with the original theme I have this problem.
I would like to know if you have enabled „Show selection between company and customer account“ in settings => login / registration

Best Regard
Cristian Loscanna

Hello Cristian,

yes, of course I activated the option, but can’t reproduce an issue there. One thing you can try is check the behavior without activated extensions.

Best regards
Florian Holtgrefe