Cloning the website and redeploying results in 500 internal server error

Hallo everyone,

i have a quick question here, i’m trying to make a a mirror version of the shop for testing purposes 

so i copied all the files, exported the db etc and reinstalled everything on a new host account, changed the .env file and im getting this error 

if anyone has an idea on what can be wrong here i would appreciate any advice 

thanks everyone and stay safe 

Why don’t you use this?

i had tried to use it, first run i had an issue with the memory_limit in php had to go in the php files and add ini_set(‚memory_limit‘, ‚128M‘);
so after i solved that issue i open the link and then it says 404 not found, which i think is becuse .htaccess file, so yeah that it an option but i also had a problem there

so i found out what was wrong, if you go to config->jwt
there is two files
they need to have the permission 600 or 660