Category Import

We tried to move a shop from Prestashop 1.6 to Shopware 6. As there is no suitable plugin, we used a shopware5 installation and used the migration tool to migrate from Prestashop to Shopware5 and from Shopware5 to Shopware6. This didn’t go as well as we thought.
Our next try was to use the csv import approach. 
Here we now face the problem, that the categories are not working. We have a csv list of around 18k products with some main categories with subcategories. Products can be listed in multiple categories. 
As we get the categorie field with names from the Prestashop export and Shopware uses categorie IDs with a | seperator, how can we automatically generate the categories and assign them to the products?

Do we have to manually add the categories? And if so, do we have to manually add 18k entries of the newly created category ids in the exported csv?

what we’d like to have is something that automatically generates the categories and assigns the products to them based on the exported csv from Prestashop. Is this possible? 

Best regards,

Hi mindray,

different source shopsystem but same problem. The Shopware 5 migration plugin says „import suceeded“ but there are no categories showing up. Were you able to do the import in the end?