Category not found error after import from Magento 1.9


I’m rather new to Shopware, and Im currently performaning a migration from Magento 1.9 to Shopware6. The import of all products and categories is going fine, only I’m encountering some issues on the front end.
I can see the categories on the front-end, but when clicking one, i’m getting a error.

Uncaught PHP Exception Shopware\Core\Content\Category\Exception\CategoryNotFoundException: "Category "b2d0f8a8c2864437a3ad68a54dd172c6" not found

I’m not quite sure on how to solve this. 

Also when browsing the cateogries, a ‚drop down‘ arrow is not appearing to see the child categories. Only when seleting ‚add new subcategory‘ the other childs appear.


Any tips on how to act on this?

Can you try ececuting “php dal:refresh:index” via CLI? It seems like there is an issue with the imported category tree.

Cheers, that fixed most part of it! :wink: Good to know a thing like that exists also for Shopware :wink:


Page now loads fine, and in the back-end the categories load properly. In the back-end I can also see the product attached to the category. Only on the front-end there aren’t products visible. I’ve tried adding the store in ‚visibility‘ because it was blank, but to no avail so far…

Another idea perhaps ? :wink:

The “visibility” is empty in your shop? This is something that needs to be set during the import. If the visibility is missing after the import, this might be a sign for an inclomplete migration. If you get it working, you could assign it in the database. 

Please make sure to clean the cache via “php bin/console cache:clear”, because the full-page cache is activated by default. For the development phase you can deativate it in the .env file: production/.env.dist at master · shopware/production · GitHub


When I select the products its not filled in, I can select a option though, but by default nothing seems to be selected.


So you would suggest to remigrate everything ?


Cleared the cache to be sure, and running in dev mode with cache disabled now :slight_smile:

Just found out that all products were also set to ‘inactive’, and have not been assigned to any store, so that was the problem.


Allthough I cant recall seeing that during the migration…

Hi. Could you deliver me a dump of your swag_migration_logging table? You could write me a pm about that. 


Hi Rann,

did you remove some sales channels, maybe?