Cart empty when existing user login

Dear all, I am using shopware version 4. It is urgent. I have an issue with the shopping cart. The cart goes empty when existing user login. Can anyone please help to resolve this please Thanking in advance, Team

Hello, first of all you should check the behaviour without any plugins and custom templates. You can deactivate all your plugins with those two sql-statements: UPDATE s_core_plugins SET active= 0 WHERE source = ‚Community‘ UPDATE s_core_plugins SET active= 0 WHERE source = ‚Local‘ Please check the behaviour again after clearing the cache. Moritz

Hello Sir, First thanks for your reply I did run the sql queries in db. And cleared the cache in backend But nothing happens. Still the issue exists. Once again thanks for your reply :wink:

Hi, As you told I have deactivated all the community and local plugins and cleared the cache. The problem is still exists. Please give me a solution Thanking in advance, Team

Hi, when user login the cart gets empty. I disable all the community and local extension also. Still the problem exists. Please help me Shop URL [color=red][/color] Please help me Thanking in advance, NAGARAJAN P L

Hello, the shop-url is not reachable. Have you tried using the default theme? Please test if changing to another theme (like Emotion Orange) will solve this problem. This is not a shopware standard behaviour, so it might be caused by your serverconfiguration. Test it without all extentions in the standard theme. Moritz

Dear Sir, This is the url of my shop. I checked by using emotion_orange template as my theme and inactive all the community and local extension. The problem is still exists. I think the problem in server. I will contact the server administrator Thank you very much… Regards, Team