Blank admin screen after login


I have updated our test environment to Shopware 6.4. this morning. I didnt get any error messages. But i cant get in anymore. After the login i get a blank screen. Anyone experienced the same problem?


Burney van Leenen

Same here, still no solution found…I also get an error on the Storefront. Site is broken and not usable.

Did you deactivate all plugins?
Are you running on PHP 7.4?

The language pack needs to be deactivated, when an error pops up that wont let you deactivate the language pack you need to remove it from the sales channel under domain so that it’s not used.

If that’s done you should be able to deactivate it and start the update.

Once you have updated the system update your plugins and then change the domain snippets so that they match the right language again.

I’m running on PHP 7.4. About the plugins i choose the recommended option to deactivate the unsupported plugins.

I will try it again, by reinstalling the back-up. Deactivate all plugins and update again to 6.4


Make sure to deactivate all, updating with the language pack enabled will end up in a error 500.

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