Calculate VAT with NET Price and not with GROSS price

Hi there,

I have a requirement where I have to show the basket calculation based on the NET price and not GROSS price. Exact words are like this: At Checkout page(Warenkorb), VAT should be calculated based on NET price not on GROSS price.

I tried the Customer Groups and Price groups option but seems I am missing something. Also I need help in understanding below calculation:

Appreciate help :slight_smile:

Thanks in Advance.

I think you can manage that by playing with these options:

Hi NextMike,

Well I tried the same options earlier but couldn’t get the required change. Anything about the calculation part?



Hi Ahad,

what about calculation? There is a display part and a data entry part. If you display net and enter net you should have what your customer wishes. Shopware ads VAT at checkout.

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Hi NextMike,

If you see screenshot in my question, I was pointing at Highlighted calculation part. I mean if I calculate manually the value is coming different compared to what I see. Also as I mentioned your trick was already tested.



math ist math… and as far i know shopware calculates correct. what is you point?

How Vat has been calculated. by billing address or shipping address in shop system