Best POS / Pickware alternatives?


We have extensively tested Pickware and JUNUX to come to the conclusion that both platforms are not good enough for our retail customers. In order to be able to offer Shopware as a competitive option for omnichannel retailers, we are searching if there are other sound alternatives. To summarise:

  1. MUST HAVE : we need a POS beyond a simple cash register, e.g. sales personnel should be able to see customer data and such;
  2. MUST HAVE : a cash receipt and invoice should be on 2 different number ranges;
  3. MUST HAVE : stong customer service;
  4. SHOULD HAVE : the POS solution should also be able to register business customers.

Could anyone advise or are there any known integrations with other systems?



Any news here?
Especially 1. customer data (size, custom made orders would be great)


Unfortunately not to our needs, sorry. We are working with some custom solutions, now.