Backend problem with the implementation of an info panel


I tried to add the Info-Panel to the Product-Stream-Detailview, but the changes didn’t affect anything.


I proceeded as in the following post:


In “themes/Backend/ExtJs/backend/product_stream/app.js” I added the following line:


I created in “themes/Backend/ExtJs/backend/product_stream/view/list/extensions/” the File “info.js” with the following content:

Ext.define('Shopware.apps.ProductStream.view.list.extensions.Info', {
    extend: 'Shopware.listing.InfoPanel',
    alias: 'widget.product-stream-listing-info-panel',
    width: 270,

    configure: function() {
        return {
            model: 'Shopware.apps.ProductStream.model.Stream'

And I moddified the File “themes/Backend/ExtJs/backend/product_stream/view/list/list.js” as follows:

configure: function () {
        return {
            deleteButton: false,
            detailWindow: 'Shopware.apps.ProductStream.view.condition_list.Window',
            columns: {
                name: { header: '{s name=name}Name{/s}' },
                description: { header: '{s name=description}Description{/s}' }
			extensions: [
                { xtype: 'product-stream-listing-info-panel' }

But all the changes didn’t work. Ther is no Info-Panel in the Background-Product-Stream-View.



Thanks in advance